What We Do

Western States Sales manufacturers a motorized shoe cleaner with HEPA filtered exhaust and a shoe cleaner which can be hooked Up to an internal vacuum system.

WSS is also a distributor of

Cleanroom Equipment
Cleanroom Accessories
Cleanroom Consumables            
Static Control Material            
Softwall Cleanrooms Gowning Benches Gloves Ionization Equipment
Hardwall Cleanrooms Gowning Racks Apparel Shoes
Laminar Flow Clean Benches Tables Shoes Wrist Straps
Fume Hood Carts Cleaning Supplies Packaging Material
Desiccator Cabinets Wire Shelving Cart Covers Table Mats
Pass Thru's Acrylic Containers Flooring/Floor Mats Floor Mats
Particle Counters Waste Receptacles Swabs Field Meters
Microbial Atriums Chairs Wipes Charge Plate Monitors
Biological Safety Cabinets Workstations Packaging Material Auditing Kits
Humidity Control Chambers   Tape